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Earth Changing Scientific Discoveries

condensed & comments by  I. Aaron Thunder Hart

The content of this short article deals with a level of thought... a state of consciousness... that is infinitely vast. It goes way beyond the scope of the physical. Way beyond Science. Way beyond Physics - hence by definition it is "meta-physics". [From the Greek "meta ta physik a" referring to ideas or realities beyond human perception.]

Considering the infinite range of all that is, our present physical sciences and level of consciousness have not even minutely scratched the surface of the first layer, so to speak. Our language, our words, our thoughts, and our general pre-suppositions of reality fall far short and are inadequate to properly convey what I speak of, to say the least. Still, I will do my best to convey what glimmerings of the vast limitless realms of creation... of all that is, of which I have been able to catch a fleeting glimpse of.

Human Consciousness, although limited in its nature by what we physically perceive, has been evolving since the beginning of the species - sometimes slowly, sometimes more quickly. It has come to my attention recently, multiple times in multiple ways, that we are now in a period when growth beyond our current limitations has never been easier and quicker. That may be due to necessity. Our physical & mental environments are in collapse. Expanding our consciousness is... and holds... the only cure.

On the physical science front, there are a few earth shaking discoveries from  PEAR, (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research)  Princeton University, and a number of of very esteemed Quantum Physicsts:

A/ The world we know... the things we think are real... your car, the streets, buildings, towns, cities, the oceans, the earth, skys, all that we see, are a construct manifested from a deeper unseen layer of reality.

B/ Electrons "Have a tendency to exist..." They blink in & out of reality and tend to appear where & when the observer expects them to be. (Think: The screen you're reading this on is not there much of the time)

C/ Thoughts cause changes to reality and time is irrelevant- Thoughts change the results of experiments. And a thought which caused a change need not happen before its effect - the cause can happen before, during, or even after its resulting effect.

So, what does that mean?

Well, Physically? It means reality is not as fixed as we think it is. And we, have the ability to alter reality.

Mentally? I guess that would depend on how open or rigid your mind is.

Spiritually / Metaphysically?
[I group these together here because they both deal with the unseen vaster realities within us.]
        Individually: I'm sure this would mean something different to each of the 8 billion+ individuals on earth - and each individual's answer would be absolutely perfect for that individual at this point in time (Thus, the metaphysical. axiom: MANY PATHS <> ONE DESTINATION.

       But Collectively, it means that we have the opportunity to literally... LITERALLY...
.... change the world to a kinder, more loving, joy filled, world at peace where understanding, warmth, acceptance, and good will to all, is everyone's experience.

And that, my friend, is by far easier to accomplish than you may think. Well, what are you waiting for, an invitation?

Okay, then, this is your invitation - RSVP unneeded: Don't have to decide now- join anytime. No pressure, judgment, memberships or dues. Nothing to buy. Just accept the invitation and begin creating it. Here's how:

For fifteen minutes or so a day, (or every other day) sit quietly, let your awareness reach deep inside, and then put forth your most positive thoughts, sincerest emotions, most powerful prayers, strongest affirmations, expansive meditations...your most altruistic whatever it is that you do...and direct that energy towards creating a more pleasant and peaceful world. Okay, got it? 15 min/day! That's all it takes!

"There is more evidence that group meditation can turn off war like a light switch than there is evidence that aspirin reduces headache pain" ~noted quantum physicist, author etc. Dr.J Hagelin

Some comments.
~The above quote is accurate, true and powerful. Yet, it can be made more powerful by focusing on the positive - 'initiating peace' instead of a negative reference to 'war'. Thoughts are powerful and they create our reality! 'Wage Peace' is much more powerful than 'End War." The focus of 'Wage Peace' is peace; the focus of 'End War', is war. For the most powerful thoughts, the focus should be 100% PEACE. Any reference to 'war' dilutes its power by confirming war as a reality. But we must be lenient with Dr. Hagelin. He is, after all, just a multi degreed quantum physicist, not a student of metaphysics. (smile)

~It is easier now, than its ever been before, to expand our consciousness and create an awesome world that benefits all. Why? Is the future exerting energies back to the present, essentially helping pull us forward? Are unseen universal energies, entities, or forces helping us make this necessary growth a reality? I don't know what or why it is, but it does seem like a good idea to take advantage of it.

~It is quite probable that you find building a better world becomes a fairly pleasurable experience in and of itself. And in your life. You may find yourself questioning "If what I'm doing is making a better world Shouldn't it be hard? Why do I feel like I'm the one benefiting more?" or "I must be doing something wrong - It's too easy. It feels great doing it... and it carries with me through my days" or "I'm just... in a better mood all the time. I feel like I'm doing this more for me than anyone else." Well, know those feelings eventually come to all pursuing positive change and a better world. The feelings come with the territory - ENJOY THEM... And know they get even better!

~It is a metaphysical truism- The quickest growth and manifestations come when helping another along the path. You can do this by extending someone an invitation to join you/us. Forward this invitation to everyone on your contact list... or write your own. The more giving their thoughts and energy, the sooner it becomes reality.

~You can check out - On or before February 1st, there will be more helpful information, comments, links, idea exchanges, music, helpful tips, and more, available to all... free!

~Once again, this is your invitation to join in with a bunch of us creating a more peaceful world. No memberships, schedules, times, places, dues etc. For about 15 minutes a day, (or whenever you can) reach inside to your highest deepest bestest parts, find your most positive thoughts, sincerest emotions, most powerful prayers, strongest affirmations, expansive meditations - your most altruistic whatever it is that you do - and then let it shine, knowing you are creating a kinder, more loving, peace filled world, filled with happiness, warmth and goodwill to all. All this for only about 15 min / day!

Please, enjoy yourself, enjoy the process, enjoy others you meet along the way, and enjoy the awesome more peaceful world- this outcome is not in question. It will be! How soon? That's up to all of us together.

Footnotes and references forthcoming.

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