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Wage Peace

condensed & comments by  I. Aaron Thunder Hart

There was an experiment done, and repeated 48 time over a span of a couple years, that showed unequivocal scientific proof that a certain action, performed by a certain number of people, for a certain number of days, can initiate peace during an active war, decrease violent crime in a city, and improve the local economy within an area. Almost instantaneously!

Sound like a miracle? Magic maybe? It is not. It is as real as you or me. It happened... repeatedly... 48 times... with statistically almost identical results in every instance. Yes, it turns out that initiating peace, decreasing violence, and improving economies is really quite a simple thing to do when people within an area perform this action every day. So what is this scientifically proven phenomenal magic miracle action? Meditation!

" There is more evidence that group meditation can turn off war like a light switch than there is evidence that aspirin reduces headache pain"
     ~noted quantum physicist, author etc.
          Dr. J Hagelin  (

Here's the more complete story. The number of people varied in each experiment - the goal strived for was to gather a group of meditators equal to 1% of the local population. So for a town of 10,000 people, 100 seasoned meditators were imported. For a city of 100,000 people, about a 1,000 meditators... and so on.

So a troop of meditators come into a town or city for a couple weeks and they do their thing - meditating - and according to The Department Of Justice's Journal of Criminal Justice, NCJ Number 85219, what happened was this: The amount of violent crime in that town or city (as recorded in FBI statistics) started measurably dropping on day one. In a couple days the drop neared almost 25%... and it stayed there during the course of the experiment. AND IT STAYED REDUCED FOR UP TO FIVE YEARS AFTER!

Similar government data was used to track the economy in the area. AND IT STAYED ELEVATED FOR UP TO FIVE YEARS AFTER!

The following paragraph paraphrases from DOJ's Journal of Criminal Justice, Volume 4, P 25-45, 1981, Sloan T Letman, ed. record NCJ Number 85219A:

The experimental cities had populations larger than 10,000, in which 1 percent of the population had been instructed in meditating. A control city was selected to match each experimental city on resident population, college population, and geographic region... Crime totals were collected for each of the experimental and control cities for 10 years, before, during, and after the experiment. A decrease in crime rate was found in experimental cities. The decrease was evident both immediately after the ... cities reached the proper participation level, and the crime rate trend during the subsequent 5 years. The maximum decrease in violent crimes was 23.3%. The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion.

This is an attempt to explain the phenomenon published in Sage Journal:
Both macro-level connections and a deeper connection between individuals are proposed to contribute to this effect. Each level of society (family, community, city, state, nation, world) is posited to have a corresponding collective consciousness that results from the combined quality of consciousness of all the individuals in the society.

Okay, so all that was about violent crime and the economy. The war part of it is a little more difficult quantify. The total number of war caused deaths (on both sides) was going to be the metric used for statistical plotting. It started decreasing slightly on day one. and just a little bit more every day after... until about two weeks into the experiment this war which had been escalating, and was expected by all to continue to escalate drawing multi major world powers and starting WW3, just stopped. It ended... just like that... no treaties, no negotiations... they just stopped fighting. I will report more on that, and expand this article, as soon as my research is completed and I am able.

BUT the fact is... remains... and will remain... that About 1% of a population meditating has astonishingly awesome effects upon the population in an area... up to, and including initiating peace in the middle of an escalating war. Think about that a few minutes. We know how to wage peace. So... What are we waiting for, an invitation?

Okay then, this is your invitation - RSVP not needed:

You are hereby invited to wage peace by meditating for fifteen minutes or so a day. (Or every other day if that's all you can manage.)

Don't meditate? Well, just sit quietly, let your awareness reach deep inside, and then put forth your most positive thoughts, sincerest emotions, most powerful prayers, strongest affirmations, your most altruistic whatever it is that you do...and direct that energy towards creating a peaceful world. Okay, got it? 15 min/day! That's all it takes!

But why stop there? You can extend this same invitation to all your friends, contacts, and social media acquaintances! Go to church? Talk to your minister... ask to extend this invitation to the entire congregation.

(A few religions may still have an aversion to the word meditation, but most accept meditation is some form or another - After all, at their core meditation is pretty much the same thing as prayer. And while we're on the topic, there is no right way to meditate - its a personal thing. And high priced Trade Marked Brands of meditation accomplish the same thing as those that you learned from a friend for free.)

"There is more evidence that group meditation can turn off war like a light switch than there is evidence that aspirin reduces headache pain"
    ~noted quantum physicist, author etc.
          Dr. J Hagelin        (

Some additional comments:
~The above quote is accurate, true and powerful. Yet, it can be made more powerful by focusing on the positive - 'initiating peace' instead of a negative reference to 'war'. Thoughts are powerful and they create our reality! 'Wage Peace' is much more powerful than 'End War." The focus of 'Wage Peace' is peace; the focus of 'End War', is war. For the most powerful thoughts, the focus should be 100% PEACE. Any reference to 'war' dilutes its power by confirming war as a reality. But we must be lenient with Dr. Hagelin. He is, after all, just a multi degreed quantum physicist, not a student of metaphysics. (smile)

~It is easier now, than its ever been before, to expand our consciousness and create an awesome world that benefits all. Why? Is the future exerting energies back to the present, essentially helping pull us forward? Are unseen universal energies, entities, or forces helping us make this necessary growth a reality? I don't know what or why it is, but it does seem like a good idea to take advantage of it.

~It is quite probable that you find building a better world becomes a fairly pleasurable experience in and of itself. And in your life. You may find yourself questioning "If what I'm doing is making a better world Shouldn't it be hard? Why do I feel like I'm the one benefiting more?" or "I must be doing something wrong - It's too easy. It feels great doing it... and it carries with me through my days" or "I'm just... in a better mood all the time. I feel like I'm doing this more for me than anyone else." Well, know those feelings eventually come to all pursuing positive change and a better world. The feelings come with the territory - ENJOY THEM... And know they get even better!

~It is a spiritual truism- The quickest growth and manifestations come when helping another along the path. You can do this by extending someone an invitation to join you. I personally sent an invitation to absolutely everyone on my email contact list... That included friends, recitatives, business contacts, tech supporters, you name it. I must admit that I was a bit reluctant to follow through with the absolutely everybody part of it at first. Then I came to the conclusion that if someone was slighted by my invitation to participate in creating world peace, it should be I who was offended - after all, what kind of person is against peace?

~Once again, this is your invitation to join in with a bunch of us creating a more peaceful world. No memberships, schedules, times, places, dues etc. For about 15 minutes a day, (or whenever you can) reach inside to your highest deepest bestest parts, find your most positive thoughts, sincerest emotions, most powerful prayers, strongest affirmations, awakening meditations - your most altruistic whatever it is that you do - and then let it shine, knowing you are creating a kinder, more loving, peaceful world, filled with happiness, warmth and goodwill to all.



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