A Conversation with... Bijan Anjomi
(Mr. Universe, 1993, 1994) (founder, Effortless Prosperity)
(World Peace Advocate)

ATH: Bijan, let's start off with a paradox. I would expect, and probably most people, that due to the nature of the Mr. Universe contest, someone like yourself who has won that title two years in a row, would be telling me that I could achieve my dreams... but it takes years and years of hard work, much sweat, and intense discipline. Yet, you seem to be saying the exact opposite?

BA: Yes, I am. If that seems strange to anyone, that's only because they have been taught to believe in a misconception. Many of us have been told by our parents, teachers, and other advisors, that, "to get ahead we must work very hard"... that, "if it comes easy, it isn't worth it"... that, "gain is only achieved through pain."... that, "to be 'spiritual' we must be poor."... that, "to be rich is to forsake happiness". But these beliefs are just not true. They are beliefs about reality; not reality. They are misconceptions... mis-concepts about reality.

ATH: But yet they often seem to be true in this world.

BA: Yes, they can seem to be that way sometimes. But we have to understand why that is... how that situation came into being. Let's look at a situation involving three people... let's say attorneys.
One works very hard at his own practice and makes... let's say $250,000 a year. The hours of lost sleep are tremendous, the stress is sometimes unbearable, but he is making a nice sum of money. The other works for a firm and he too, works very hard. He is not his own boss, and he is constantly worried about keeping his job, and therefore puts in many extra hours on his own time. Let's say he is earning about $60,000. The third makes over a million dollars a year, and always has plenty of free time to spend with his wife, family, and friends... and he often gets involved with charity work and is a generous supporter.
Now all three of them have the same education from the same school, and roughly about the same talents, and skills. But there is a very big difference in their salaries and their lifestyles. Why is that? What is it that makes the difference?

ATH: Well, my answer would be quite different than the common ones... but I think most people would attribute it things like luck, fate, maybe karma... you know... the breaks, it's just the way the cards fell; they're playing out their hand the best they can.

BA: Yes, those are the most common answers that I get to that question. But we both know that isn't the real reason why. We both know that the only real difference lies in their belief system. They each are making... and life is providing, exactly in line with their beliefs about themselves, their worth, and beliefs about reality. Obviously the two believe that you have to work hard in life. The other probably values himself... honors and respects himself more, has a stronger sense of self worth, and does not subscribe to the philosophy of work hard to get ahead.

Their beliefs about the themselves, and the world in general have created... manifested, their lives into exactly what they believed it should be. The mind, and the beliefs in the mind, are that powerful! A person says to themselves, " Oh I could never do that!" And life reacts... "Oh, they don't think they can do that." and never presents to them.

ATH: And another person says, "Oh I can do this!" And almost instantly it is presented.

BA: If he believes it 100%, it is instantaneous; there is no almost to it.

Another way of saying it is: What we concentrate on, we bring more into our lives. If we concentrate on how hard life is, or how bad things always seem to happen - then we attract hard situations and bad things into our lives.

So those statements we talked about earlier... those misconceptions... If you believe them, then they become real for you.

But in actuality, nothing can be further from the reality of life. Spirituality has nothing at all to do with how much money you have in your wallet, and prosperity has nothing at all to do hard work. As a matter of fact... If you can achieve prosperity with very little effort, that will leave plenty of time for a person to concentrate on their spirituality. And the more money you have, the more good you can accomplish - the more you can help other people.

ATH: This is very true. But it seems that really prosperous people usually try to keep the secret of their success... well, a secret. Why are you so willing to share it?

BA: In one word: Peace.

If you think about it, you will see that violence is created out of fear, lack, and desperation. If everyone was happy and content... prosperous in every way... there would be no violence. No suffering. No war. By showing others how they can achieve effortless prosperity, I am actually doing my part to bring peace to this troubled world... That is actually the main goal I have chosen in this life; peace. My Effortless Prosperity programs are just a viable means to that end.

ATH: So how did you come by your secret to great success?

BA: Oh, it is not a secret! If it were, I would not be telling it to everyone. And it is not mine. It is free for all to use as they see fit.

ATH: Okay, how did you learn it?

BA: Where I was born, we called our land Persia. It doesn't matter what government happens to be in power, or where they decide to draw the boundaries, for thousands of years the people have called the land Persia. Many years ago in the land of our brothers to the north, the Ancient Greeks, history records the great teacher, Socrates, through the words of Plato. Socrates was blessed with an inner voice which guided him throughout his life.

Through studying many different religions and philosophies, I discovered that I too, have an inner voice. And it talks to me and guides me - if I will listen. Mine has guided me; to first experience, and then share the lessons in contained in the Effortless Prosperity Seminars and Books.

I would add that I am not a writer... nor have I ever had an interest in writing,,, and would not have been able to accomplish any of my five books without the guidance of my inner voice.

Like Socrates, over the years I have come to appreciate and trust in this voice. I believe that we all have an inner voice if we would just still ourselves long enough to listen for it.

ATH: That was very well put. Simple. No complicated terms. No extravagant claims. Just an inner voce.
BA: And that's the way life is. Simple. No complications. Effortless. And prosperous. Our ego is what makes it complicated and full of effort.

ATH: I agree. So how do people learn about your Effortless Prosperity Principles? How can they learn to make their lives effortless? I know there are some people out there that seem to have similar seminars, but you already have to prosperous to be able to afford them.

BA: (Laughing) My brother, I am not doing this to become prosperous - I already am. Remember, my main reason for doing this to bring about world peace. My seminar, Absolutely Effortless Prosperity is Absolutely free!

You know, back in 1997, I started giving the free 30 day Absolutely Effortless Prosperity seminars oh… we started one every two hours from 6 AM to 10 PM every day of the week. I don't know how many times a day that is, but it was a lot... I think it was 8 hour and a half seminars each day. I was the only one giving the seminars at that point, so it literally consumed just about all my waking hours.

S: My God! how long did this go on?

BA: It was, I believe, about a year and a half straight... And the number of seminars per day varied as others became involved, I worked with them, and they in turn started helping out giving the seminars also. But for a year and a half straight, I gave between 1 and 8 Effortless Prosperity Seminars a day.

It was such a joy… I met thousands of people as they came through the seminar, and many of them are still involved with spreading the word.

Some of these beautiful souls, I have worked with intensely, and they are now facilitating the seminars themselves. The number of Seminars per day now varies according to which facilitators are in town and are willing to make a commitment for a specific time each day… for thirty days. This has taken off, as you can imagine, and I'm receiving request to speak from all over the world, but I still do a weekly Seminar on Thursdays when I'm in town.

ATH: So you've been personally financing the whole thing? I mean the free 30 day seminars, the places to hold them, The Effortless Prosperity Center, and…

BA: In the beginning, yes. Now there is a little income from book sales, and such. And, you see, people who have gone through the seminar, and have found their lives completely changed by it... well some can be grateful and generous - and all want to see the work continue. But on the whole... lets just say that it's a good thing I practice Effortless Prosperity.

It has grown much bigger than one man can handle by himself. We now maintain a central office here in International city of Las Vegas. We have experimented with community programs... like Effortless Prosperity in prisons, and also with the Effortless Prosperity For Children in the educational system... and with radio shows... and satellite facilities. We are always looking for ways to reach more people with the simple message that life can be effortless and full of joy.

ATH: Now Bijan, I'm going to play devil's advocate here. You say that your 30 day seminar is free. Yet I have seen in some of the trade publications - you've been busy… speaking everywhere it seems, selling many books - and I've seen price tags attached.

BA: That is true. I am asked to speak at various places around the world, and sometimes the people that invite me to speak charge others to come and listen. If someone is making money off of my speaking, I have absolutely no problem with receiving a speakers fee. You see, I am effortlessly prosperous. That means I am open to receiving.

And of course, the energy that goes into printing and distributing books is tremendous. And the people who do this work must be compensated for their time fairly.

But as we just discussed with the free seminars, I am also open giving. To me they are one and the same. Without one, the other finds no expression. The only thing that we ask of anyone who wishes to attend one of our free 30 seminars is to make a personal commitment... a commitment to attend one of the daily sessions, each day for a thirty day period. In return for that commitment... and remember that commitment is not to me or to anyone else... it is strictly a commitment between a person and themselves... In return for that commitment, I promise a new and better life.

ATH: And what happens at this thirty day seminar? Why an hour and a half a day for thirty days? Why not do a three day weekend?

BA: A couple of reasons. Many can not find the time to give up three full days of their life; kids, work, school, other commitments. It is a much easier to find a spare hour and a half a day.

Another reason is the design of the seminar. We meet for an hour a day - the learning and realizations continues throughout the day as we practice what we have learned during the meeting. There are thirty principles to Effortless Prosperity. We work on one principle a day. They build upon themselves. And at the end of thirty days I guarantee that you will not be the same person you were when you started it.
ATH: How about the books?

BA: The books are designed on the same principles... Thirty lessons; one each day for a month. The lessons in the book are all about undoing the old belief systems of limitation that we bought into from others, and learning that by giving up we can create what we desire without limits.

I think my inner voice was quite wise in guiding me to present the material in this way. A short lesson and a full day to experience it's effect in your life. And as I said, they build upon themselves, and at the end of the thirty days, you are a completely different person than when you began. You are well on your way to effortless and prosperous life.

ATH: How are the books going? I understand that you have the Effortless Principles presented to cover every age group beginning at two years old.

BA: Very well! The books, of course, allow me to reach many more people than I could ever hope to in person. We have done out best to keep them affordable to people who are not yet prosperous. They are no more expensive than the average book in a book store… perhaps a little less. The same is true for the few tapes that are available. I would be defeating my main purpose of creating world peace if it were any other way..

ATH: Bijan, thank you for sharing your time and the information. It has been enjoyable to say the least. You are a warm and wonderful person and I can not help but feel the sincerity of your desire for helping others and your commitment to world peace.

BA: And the same with you, my brother. We should do this again... soon... and just sit, and talk, and share the miracles in our lives.